Friday, September 4, 2015

Neighbors for Clean Water Pond Conference

Registration is now open!
If you live in a community with stormwater ponds (i.e. man-made "lakes" or "lagoons") or if you maintain them you'll want to join us for the 2015 Neighbors for Clean Water Pond Conference. 

Topics will include:
*  New Maintenance Requirements
*  Aquatic Weed Management
*  Fish Stocking and Harvesting
*  Managing Ponds with Rookeries
*  Nuisance Wildlife Management
*  Algae Prevention and Management
*  Erosion and Shorescaping
*  Dredging
*  Protecting Water Quality Before the Pond
*  Hands-on Tour of USCB Campus Ponds
*  Lots of Resources for You!
Register online at or checkout the event flyer below.